2. SUPREME Box Logo

Inspired By: Barbara Kruger

Supreme's name is so clean that the visual identity had to match. The brand's gear has always offered plenty for those looking for something a little less laden with logos—the box tees are hardly vulgar—and early comparisons to a skate Gap (via The Face) and more high-end boutiques (via Vogue) weren't the worst thing that could be levelled at it. That cleanliness conferred longevity. Now we assume we'll see conceptual art hookups with the likes of Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons and John Baldessari, but borrowing artist Barbara Kruger's red boxed Futura bold italic set things off from the beginning, providing a versatile branding tool in the vein of the Levi's Red Tab Device that would allow Supreme to shine without having to shout. Kids in Japan knew the deal with this from the start, but the box logo's crawl into every facet of popular culture continues.