4. FRESHJIVE Jive T-Shirt

Inspired By: The Tide detergent logo

Whether they were parodying household staples, sending up the 'Don't Tread on Me' Gadsden flag, photographing cumshots or taking off all branding, Freshjive do things their own way. This shirt's detergent copy was significant for shifting units to skaters, hip-hop fans and ravers during the 1989/1990 era and paving a trail for what followed. Now it looks downright quaint, but it was fascinating to discover a brand that wasn't specifically built on skating or surfing —Vision might have thrown the streetwear term around, but this felt like the start of something big. Rick Klotz ushered in the next wave, bringing some Warholian subversion to a new generation. That's why this shirt is very important indeed.