9. PERVERT PUMA Logo T-Shirt

Inspired By: The PUMA Logo

Don Busweiler's Pervert brand had things on lock back in the early '90s. Pervert was more than a parody brand—the padded vests, hats and denims were sought-after, and he applied a real-world Miami party spirit that reinforced the brand name too. Then in 1995, he packed it all in to join a cult called the Brethren. And that was that. The Kappa and PUMA parodies brought some sleaze to classic brand imagery, and as with a few other inclusions in this rundown, it's an image that's been adopted by tourist trap novelty shirt stands across the western world and beyond, but for those who know, it brings back memories of a time when the Pharcyde wore the similarly litigious awidas design. Whatever Don's doing now, his status as a streetwear legend was conferred a long time ago.

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