Inspired By: Terry Hall's shoes on the Fun Boy Three LP inlay (1982)

Hiroki Nakamura's quite a cerebral thinker and he's not prone to lowbrow concepts. Is it a brand that can bee deemed streetwear? If we're talking mid '00s visvim, yes. Hiroki managed to put a wave of hypesters into some avant-garde tasselled Native American footwear when he dropped the FBT moccasin model that became a signature for them. Best of all, the FBT is an acronym for Fun Boy Three - Terry Hall's post-Specials band, as they're an homage to the deconstructed moccasin style he wears for on the 1982 shoot for their debut LP which fired Hiroki's imagination. The lesson? If you can't find it on sale, go make it — and make it well.