26. SSUR Mean Streets T-Shirt

Inspired By: Mean Streets poster art (1973)

For a budget film, 'Mean Streets' had an incredible poster design. The typography, the gun and the enduring message that NYC streets can be gully was ripe for homage. There's been a few shirts with this flick homaged—'70s cinema has been a moodboard staple for years, whether it's another wack brand attempting the stringed 'Godfather' font or the likes of Bounty Hunter celebrating the Ducky Boys in 'The Wanderers'—but when Russ traded ideas with Kevin Lyons, one of the best Scorcese tributes (the Real McCoy Travis Bickle outfit reproduction was disqualified here for being too far from the hard-to-define streetwear remit) alongside Supreme and Fuct's 'Goodfellas' designs.