32. THE HUNDREDS Snapbacks

Inspired By: Starter hats

The Hundreds have unleashed fine homages to Disney and T&C, but this hat dropped as the brand really started to pick up momentum, when everybody was preoccupied with with fitteds, flat peaks and hologram stickers. In a strange world where pop stars can make rap videos for mixtape cuts where they boast that they resurrected caps that fasten, the snapback is everywhere, but the Hundreds got in there early. The use of that generic font that was used to rep every team and every city, plus a smart twist on the Starter logo felt like a break from the norm circa 2006. We don't recall using the expression "snapback" back then either. If anything, Bobby and the crew should be the ones recording 'Snapbacks Back', but they're too dignified to do that kind of thing.

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