38. KINGPIN Scarface 'K' Sweats and T-Shirts

Inspired By: Scarface (1983)

Bleu Valdimer is a streetwear legend as the mind behind Project Dragon, but his Kingpin brand is constantly overlooked. Go to a tradeshow now, and it's streetwear infested — despite a proliferation of Vibram and chambray — but back in the day, the brands that paved the way were struggling to get into the 432F show. Sure, Fuct did the film stuff earlier, but there's something gloriously brash and obnoxious about Bleu's mid-'90s line — realised by Kevin Lyons and the way it worked Telly Savalas, 'The Godfather Part II' and Pacino as Tony onto apparel. This led to a plethora of knockoff shirts that capitalised on rap's love of DePalma's masterpiece (witness the frequent taste-free tributes on MTV's 'Cribs'), but Kingpin got there early. Bleu passed away in 1999, but his impact on the industry shouldn't be underestimated.