III. The Fit

There are three common fits when it comes to Jorts. The best for for you depends on your body type, but in general, you want to avoid rocking anything that resembles daisy dukes, or manpris.

1. Too Short: Shorter guys can go with a shorter length, but we're talking not much under an eight inch inseam. If you're 6'3" don't bother. No one wants to see your thigh hair.

2. Just Right: The ideal length is just about the center of your kneecap give or take a couple inches. Every dude can rock this length without looking obscene or like Euro trash.

3. Too Long: For dudes who are short or of average height—avoid this fashion fail at all costs. If you're basketball player tall, then you might be able to get away with it. Just keep them slim so they don't look like a jean skirt.