Client: Personal project about artist Jonathan Harris

Scott: Jonathan Harris went through this process where he took a picture every single day and was writing a little story, and it went well over a year. And the next thing u know he just decided to stop. And a week or two after that, you know, I had gotten so used to becoming a part of that. He never failed. And it was such a great bonding experience for myself and a lot of artists that were into this as well. So when he disappeared, it was just like “how can you explain this to somebody. How an you touch on how it touched me?” So I went to talk to Jonathan, and we just chatted and I  cut into a six-min pattern of hi talking about some of the most interesting elements of the project. 

And in the sense of creating a missing piece: You couldn’t explain that project to anybody. You couldn’t get across what that project meant without watching some kind of video, so I wanted to create something that didn’t exist to help him tell his story and also…speak through him as well about some elements I feel aren’t in media. Where an artist is saying “the more I find out, the less I know.” It just had a greats sentiment to it.

TODAY from m ss ng p eces on Vimeo.

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