Client: GE 

Josh: What we tried to do was make a film that was as authentic to the pop-up book medium as it could be. So we actually set out first to work with paper engineers to actually create a full scale pop up book, but after about a month of research and speaking with all the top paper engineers in the country, we realized that this would be exponentially difficult if not impossible to exercise because of the scale of the book and how we wanted the book to act. So to pay homage to the medium, we actually created the first moment in the film as a real pop up book. And then from there, the images were painted with phosphorescent light and lit with blacklight and we worked wit a team of stop motion editors over a five-day shoot. 

I think that the first day on set we filmed something like one and a half seconds of stop animation...definitely less than five seconds. We working in miniature, so we were really wrapping our heads around this other world. From there the production sort of took off and it took a lot of focus and a really great crew, we were able to come up with the final product. There’s also something to be said for the musical score. It’s an original score by Julio Monterrey, who’s our in house musical director.  

THE STORY OF LIGHT from m ss ng p eces on Vimeo.

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