Client: Levis Waterless Denim

Josh: We watch a lot of reference films and keep up with the pace of what other artists are doing, and this film sort of pays tribute to a lot of awesome things that are being made in our creative community. So we borrowed the talents of four animators who we work with, all local in Brooklyn. We worked with a bunch of dirty underwear we found at the Laundromat. We collected dust balls from the dryers. It was a real collaboration and actually it was really just pretty much four-day long party in a Laundromat. In the end, it’s a communications film about Levi’s creating a new product where they use else water in the finishing process.

And the music is also an original score by Julio Monterrey, and it was custom made for the piece. And then we had a whole rock band assembled to score it full force. So he brought the idea, and then it was realized in our friend’s studio. So that was a really fun process as well. 

LEVI'S WATERLESS from m ss ng p eces on Vimeo.

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