Client: Memory Tapes - "Yes I Know" Music Video

Kate: We have a friend and frequent collaborator named Eric Epstein who directed this music video and it was his directorial debut. Just from the tests, you could see how special it was going to be, and it’s really his vision and his aesthetic and his talent that is really fully realized in this film.

Ari: Yeah we feel like we really enabled a really special talent in this film. It’s a very unconventional process. It’s a new way of doing 2D on 3D.

Josh: We’ve received the widest cross-section of responses to this video. There must be some element of eternal truth in the look and the feel of it, very emotionally. Everybody interprets it very differently, but in a very personal way. 

Kate: Because it is so unlike anything anyone has ever seen before, I think that’s reflected in the process Eric went through. And his ability to work with the tools that were available to him, and no one else had really done that before.

Memory Tapes "Yes I Know" from Najork on Vimeo.

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