Client: Panda Bear "Surfer's Hymn" Music Video

Ari: The story is: we had these surf-skateboard (hybrids) and we didn’t know what to do with them and one day Sam, our friend who is one of our directors, called up late one night and said “I got it. It’s skeletons rising from the grave, ready to surf skate the night.” And I think the second, more evolved incarnation was the idea of the surfers that had been taken by the sea, to give it a little more emotional impact. And then we had to convince the cemetery…we can’t say the name of the cemetery, but it’s in New York, and they were kind enough to let us do it.

Josh: We had recently learned about phosphorescent paint and UV black lighting, and actually those two of our films have that same technique in them. We should also mention that there’s a pretty serious undertone to the film, that the director Sam wanted to pay tribute to these fallen surfers. So, that’s the basis through which we could get access to the cemetery.

Ari: And Sam is a recent surfer inductee, so he’s probably in far Rockaway right now, surfing the waves.

PANDA BEAR "Surfer's Hymn" from m ss ng p eces on Vimeo.

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