Last, but certainly not least: hands and feet. Studies show that women love to hop in the bed with men who keep their hands and feet nice. What studies? FOH Stanford, we've done our own personal research.

Tools: You're not going to get the same results as your local spa, but it's the effort that counts. Pick up a simple tool kit and keep your fingernails and toenails trimmed and clean.
Anthony Logistics for Men Manicute Tool Kit, $20

Hands: Give your mitts something better than your current hand lotion. This one's got enough hydration, but it's lightweight so it doesn't leave you sticky.
Molton Brown Soothing Hand Lotion, $25

Feet: You probably only touch your feet when holes in your socks become an issue. As girly as you think it might be, it's time to pay a little bit more attention. Athletes are harder on their feet than anyone, so look for a sporty brand to revive your dry heels.
Mission Foot Rehab Cream, $10