Leave it up to a 90s baby to try to jumpstart a train bombing movement in the 21st century. Chicago-bred art student Zebadiah Arrington, who writes Zeb, has been getting up lately across the country; his tags and pieces can be seen all the way from Seattle to NYC. But when he hit the big city, he bombed a few trains, and as history has shown, the government does not play when it comes to un-warranted art sprawled on mass transit.

The Queens Supreme Court ordered the Chicago Institute of Art student to pay close to $7,000 in damages, and that doesn't include impending fines for Manhattan, Brooklyn, Philidelphia, Boston and New Jersey. He is also being accused of painting seven trains A, F and 7 trains in 2007, when he was just 15. If we respect nothing else, we must respect the kid's hustle. [NY Daily News]