After you completed the documentary, what happened next? Kenzo (of Kenzo Digital) put the trailer together. Kenzo is like a hip-hop head; he's done some amazing work on the underground. I knew about Kenzo. Kenzo knew about me. I’d already been working on it at that point for about six years. And sometimes the hard thing is how to land the plane. And that’s the hard thing about film making: we’ve got lots of essential ingredients here, now how do you make it into something?

So Kenzo acted as a post-post producer who connected me with people. And Kenzo came up with the idea to make a trailer because he said he believed in the power of the internet and how a trailer can really operate on the internet. And I was like “dope.” And the trailer is very unpretentious. We’re not trying to impress you. It’s very simple. I feel really happy with the way it worked.
above image of Charlie Ahearn and Jazzy Ivy, who appears in the documentary