What Makes Up the Name: black + japanese

This one is popular now, I had a friend's mom try to explain to me with a straight face that this was in fact a real, new, legit race and that it's okay to say and that part-black-part-asian people are totally into it. Wow. Well riddle me this, what do we do when the parents are black and Lebanese? I don't think one vowel is going to cut it. To be honest, these are just too easy come up with and too easy have go wrong. And it's not just with races and nationalities, but with everything, what you eat, beliefs, whatever–it's just cheap laughs. Not like poop jokes and sharting. See also, the see alsos if you want to see what I'm talking about.

Origin: It was featured in the movie Rush Hour in 1998, but was around before that... or was it, Chris Tucker?

See Also: blasian, blipster, gaysian, skateboardorican, philispanic, Norvegan and any other interracial or dietary-socialized trait combo you can think of, you bigot

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