This Art/Design list is in fact, more of a Language Arts list. While some may disagree with this concept based solely on the fear that it is not a visual enough topic for such a medium as a 50 List gallery, we offer you this: language is still an art, if used properly. Also, if you promise to click through, there will be funny pictures and jokes so you won’t get bored. Welcome to ever-expanding universe of the English portmanteau. What the hell is a portmanteau, you ask? Good question.

A portmanteau is two words smushed together to make a new word that combines the meaning of the original two. Think “brunch” or “fucktard.” These frankenwords (that’s one right there) give you more meaning with less wordz! It’s a little like New Speak, but way better suited to comedy and debasement. This is just a guesstimate (another one), but there are way more than 50 good ones so add your own in the comments, dear readers. We promise, less words from here on out.

NOTE: We’re not even going to dignify celebrity name mashups or NYC neighborhoods that a realtor shat out with a place on the list because they’re that terrible. Not that you could or should call this a dignified list. Click on for 50 great portmanteaus that have changed the way we live life in the modern world.