Ooooohweeee! The NBA Finals start tonight and basketball fans have never been more excited! And by excited, we mean angry! Who would've guessed that the Miami Heat making it to the Finals would get everyone's blood boiling? Ever since his "Decision," LeBron has been America's most hated. No sweat off his back though, 'cause it looks like he's mighty close to getting that championship ring he's always wanted. And how 'bout them Mavericks? In 3 of the last 4 years, they've been eliminated during the first round of the playoffs, but Dirk's hair and his team's offense has finally put them back where they want to be. We can't complain though—it's nice to see these teams (who are not green or yellow) are back to play each other again.

We can't predict the future here at Complex, but we do have eyes to discern style. Before Game 1 starts tonight, we're putting Dallas and Miami side by side and deciding who wins when it comes to being fresh, so see who wins in our Style Showdown of Mavericks vs. Heat!