Photos by Akiko Higuchi

This past Friday, DD172 hosted The Sun Rises in the East, a photo benefit featuring works from Ricky Powell, 13th Witness, Jonah Schwartz, Yonehara Yasamusa, and more. In usual DD172 fashion, the Dojo was the place to be that night, and guests were treated to drinks by Sapporo, and music from DJ's Lomang, Edan, and HIRO. Unfortunately the neighbors weren't into the same philanthropic spirit, and NYPD shut down the event in the midst of the silent auction. The Gallery will be opening again this Wednesday, May 18th from 12pm-8pm. Many of the photographs are still available for purchase, with all proceeds being donated to the Japan Society Japan Earhquake Fund. Click the thumbnails above for images from Friday night, and head back to the gallery this Wednesday to support a great cause. [DD172]

172 Duane St.
New York, NY 10013

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