Even before Tyler, The Creator swallowed a cockroach in his Yonkers video, he's had the industry watching everything he does, says, thinks, and tweets. With the release of his much-anticipated album, Goblin in stores today, we've decided to provide you with a breakdown of Tyler's style, which seems consistent enough to be a uniform as opposed to a gimmick. Whether he's crowd-surfing at Coachella or smashing down chicken and waffles at Roscoe's, Odd Future's frontman stays laced in blue Vans, denim cutoffs, an array of Hawaiian themed and vintage-inspired button ups, and enough Supreme five panels to keep every streetwear-obsessed tumblr updated. No matter how much fame Tyler gets, we hope his steez will stay the same. Rapping about the devil and doing dirty things to Disney stars just wouldn't be the same in Louis Vuitton.