Your Phone Can be Your Black Book, in More Ways Than One

Writers carry pocket sketchbooks for when inspiration hits, but these days the iPhone and Android worlds boast apps where tags can be sketched in a variety of styles. Evan Roth, who is also the creator of Graffiti Analysis (awesome, check it) put together an iPhone app called DustTag, which mimics writing on a dusty piece of glass. New York writer KATSU collaborated with F.A.T. Lab on a similar product, but his FAT Tag Deluxe, also allows you to overlay your tags onto digital images. Both are sick, and both allow you to upload your tags as GML (Graffiti Markup Language) files that you can share with other writers. Nothing will replace the O.G. book, but these are fun to have on your hip.

Video of DustTag:

Video of FAT Tag Deluxe

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