By Blair "Bliz" Milbourne

When the Animated GIF starts getting called art, you know the times are…changing. Hell, even graffiti has gotten a makeover by tech geeks and encoding pioneers.

Digital graf first appeared on the international stage through the efforts of the rebel art and technology collective known as the GRL (Graffiti Research Lab). Organized in 2006 and helmed by Evan Roth (a graduate of and now teacher for Parsons) and James Powderly (a self-proclaimed "graf engineer" who clocked hours for NASA), their collective, F.A.T Lab (Free Art and Technology), developed ways to project tags onto buildings. There are also some new digi graff apps on the marketplace, and the one by KATSU allows you to “project” your tag onto digital photos. Click on to check out a few of these digital graffiti technologies, and get your e-vandal on.