The lines between graffiti and street art are often blurred, misrepresented, and monetized by people who have limited knowledge of the culture, and the authenticity provided by the new book, Crack & Shine International is a refreshing take on the world. The new book is the second from publisher Fred Forsyth and photographer Will Robson Scott, and is an honest and revealing picture of the graffiti sub-culture from around the world. In Freddie's words, "Crack & Shine International is the follow up to Crack & Shine, which was the first book on graffiti in London. We were commissioned by Vans to create a new book in a similar vein to the first, but to do it globally. We have featured some of our favorite writers from London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Berlin & Amsterdam, and we've also created a series of films and animations with Vans Off The Wall TV to coincide with the book."

We caught up with Freddie and Will to take us through a few of the images from the book, click on the gallery to check out a preview of Crack & Shine International and an interview with its creators, and then go buy this thing at TopSafe London.

[Crack & Shine International]