In the latest quality control tests on clothing sold in Beijing, big wig clothing brand Zara, failed in three categories, the most of any brand tested. It is also the only brand that has failed three successive quality tests. The fabric in a pair of Zara trousers were said to be made of 75 percent cotton, 20 percent wool and 5 percent terylene, a type of polyester. But in reality, the fabric tested at 68 percent cotton, 10 percent wool and 12 percent other contents. This ruffled a few feathers..

"What upset us the most is not that Zara's products have been continuously failing tests, it is their silence about the quality issue found in China," said Dong Qing, vice-president of BCA. "I don't think they carry such an arrogant attitude elsewhere. Their attitude really doesn't match their international image."

The fine for Zara? About 780,000 yuan ($119,421), which is probably chump change to the international brand when you think about it. Wonder if they'll pass any U.S. tests? Would that stop us from wearing the affordable fast-fashion clothes? Probably not.

[via People Daily]

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