The untrained eye may only ever identify one species of "Cool Guy." This week Complex will be recognizing three: the non-jock athlete, fashiony dude, and the early-adopter techie as featured in our April/May issue. Today we will be focusing on the fashion cool guy.

The Fashiony Cool Guy, in all his shrewdly tailored, nattily assembled, dying-to-get-photographed, historically canny ensembles.

Unstudied laypersons refer to this species of Genus: Cool Guy as clotheshorses, Dapper Dans, or simply, and typically on Tumblr, as “Sarties.” Bloggus Bloggus Sartorialis can often be seen at special DJ nights in jewel-box-like Cool Guy hotel bars, eschewing chewing for artisanal cocktails. He’s often clad in Gallic stripes and Japanese outerwear, and you think his sunglasses are Ray-Bans but they’re not— you hacky, underestimating, pedestrian, wrong-wrong-wrong idiot bastard. Tends to have sumptuous taste in sneakers and often owns his own tuxedo—which, to be fair, he looks smashing in. Prone to using words like “smashing.”