Fake Ads

"I had fucked around with the phone booths a tiny bit while promoting a show in Dumbo, and I received some positive feedback so i began plotting my next move. I spent about 10% of my time and energy conceptualizing and laying out the art and 90% printing, cutting, and racking to buy ink and paper. The idea with the posters was to maximize my "FAME TOKENS" using celebrities' pretty faces and two ill art/design related institution/companies to boost up KATSU the word. I chose a range of celebrities that I appreciated and knew people would like. I wanted to primarily target Graffiti writers, and people working in Advertising. The plan was that the ads went up all at once. They'd have little effect if they were placed a few here and a few there. I got up about 100 posters in my target areas in NYC: DELANCEY, BOWERY, WEST BROADWAY, BROOME, and UNION SQUARE. It was hella funny because I kept running into other writers throughout the day. I remember GUSTO yelling to a big group of tourists being lead by a tour guide "HEY THAT'S KATSU HE'S A FAMOUS STREET ARTIST HAHAHAHA". I had to chase him off the the block for that one." Check out the KATSU tumblr of the prints by clicking here.