Ever wonder why Amar'e Stoudemire gets invited to Vogue events and is chummy with Anna Wintour? It's because he has great style—especially for someon who is 6'10". But Stoudemire can't take all the credit. Some, if not most, goes to the lovely lady photographed above. Rachel Johnson has been grooming Amar'e for a minute now, but this isn't all she's known for. Check out some background info on Johnson, below:

  1. She's no stranger to the basketball court. She's styled former N.B.A. player, Jalen Rose and LeBron James
  2. Even legit fashion editors peep her skill. Lisa Cohen, the fashion director at GQ, said, “Basketball players aren’t easy to dress because they’re so tall, but Rachel’s guys are among the best-dressed.”
  3. After graduating college, she picked up a gig at Essence Magazine.
  4. In 2002, she dressed rapper Ja Rule in the classic Burberry plaid for his “Always on Time” video.
  5. Remember Amar'e's 'fit at the Tommy Hilfiger show last year? That's all her.

Now that you know, we're going to need you to get in line behind us for her services.

[via NY Times]