This weekend, MoCA opens its Art in the Streets exhibition, a retrospective of street art curated by Jeffrey Deitch and Aaron Rose that will feature work from Neckface, Kenny Scharf, KR, Chaz Bojorquez, and other greats from the history of taking city walls. Levi’s is a supporting sponsor of Art in the Streets, and will be hosting a Levi's Film Workshop inside the museum, a buildout similar to the one that just finished up in NYC. It officially opens on April 17th and should be pretty dope.

Throughout the duration of Art in the Streets Levi's will be releasing 10 versions of its iconic “Trucker Jacket” denim jackets. The project is curated by Shepard Fairey's Studio Number One, and each jacket in the series features original artwork by Art in the Streets exhibitors. The jackets will sell for $250 at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA (at 152 North Central Ave) and will release in chronological order from when each artist started writing. Each jacket will come in a special box to commemorate the event, and proceeds from the sale will benefit MoCA programs. The first 3 jackets go on sale this Sunday at 11 AM (when Geffen Contemporary’s doors open) and are super limited so be there on time if you're trying to get one.

Click on the thumbnails above to see images of each jacket. The images are in the order of each jacket's release, as follows:

Chaz Bojorquez’s Black Trucker (Chaz started writing in 1969)
Crash’s Zap Trucker (Crash started writing in 1975)
Lady Pink’s Women’s Bohemian Trucker (Lady Pink started writing in 1979)

Kenny Scharf’s Dark Summit Trucker (Kenny started painting in 1979)

Andre’s Rigid Trucker (Andre started painting in 1985)

KR’s Black Trucker (KR started writing in 1989)

Revok’s Dark Summit Trucker (Revok started writing in 1989)

Shepard Fairey’s Dark Summit Trucker (Shepard started posting in 1989)

Neck Face’s Black Trucker (Neck Face started writing in 2000)

Keith Haring’s Rigid Trucker (Keith starting writing in 1979)