J. Hilburn Tailored Clothing brings you custom shirts with a personalized touch at a price you won't regret. This is all possible through the use of an army of 800 personal stylists to help you with your needs. Quality is not an issue, J. Hilburn uses fabrics from the same factories that high fashion houses like Zegna and Burberry source from.

The makings of a custom shirt are fairly simple. They first dispatch one of their stylists to visit you personally and take down all your measurements. Second, a selection of fine garments in various styles from which your shirt will be made is available for you to choose from. Mistakes are sometimes made, in which case they still have your back. If you feel that the fit of your custom shirt is not up to par, send it back and they will cut and make you a new one. J. Hilburn is ahead of the curve at providing a service that is rarely seen these days and all this can be had for just $100. Visit the J.Hilburn Tailored Clothing website and order your shirt.

[via GearPatrol]