The Hunt For The Giant Kitten Is Over, 2008
Pen & Ink on paper

Alex Pardee says: “When I'm working on an ink drawing, I tend to fall into a trance, induced by the repetition of a million tiny hash marks or brush strokes that each have a sort of symbiotic relationship and survive only by co-existing with the next, smaller hash mark.

"Each drawing I do I like to think of as an entire self-contained ecosystem of random tiny life forms that, when looked at closely, resemble a jam-packed orgy of unorganized shit that's feeding and fucking each other sporadically. However, when looked at from the atmosphere, that ecosystem looks like something semi-recognizable that my eyes might be satisfied with (for a few minutes, at least).

"I get satisfied that I spent X amount of hours adding a little extra detail that nobody will ever bother to notice. This has always satisfied me, regardless of my actual drawing ability. I could literally draw something that looks like a pile of feces, but if I spent enough time building an ecosystem out of pen and brush marks to give it some kind of character, I am happy with it."