Last session, our in-house grooming specialist, Colonel Cator Sparks, gave us tips on covering up thinning hair. In today's lesson, he fills us in on how to grow and maintain a proper moustache.

For several years now, facial hair has been having a major moment. Men have been growing out their beards, waxing their ‘staches and, thank God, not resurrecting the goatee.

Waxing the moustache is quite an art form and we met a fella who has perfected it.
Michael W. Haar is a man of many talents. He is a barber, a DJ (using a Victrola suckers!) and an all around Vaudeville Educator. He dresses in vintage garb most days and has one of the slickest moustaches we have seen about town. Take note you grubby hipsters, this is how it’s really done!

Tips from the expert Tonsorialist:

•    Grow out your beard first, then sculpt out the moustache from there. You don’t want to look like a 70’s porn star growing it out.
•    A good moustache has equal handlebars, just past the lips.
•    A moustache should not feel like a rock. Apply a wax that is firm but not like a brick. Stern from Germany ($10) and the old standard, Club Man ($5) are both great waxes.
•    Don’t let your moustache get long enough to get into your food. Whoever you are kissing does not want to taste what you had for dinner, thank you very much.
•    A moustache does require upkeep. It needs to be brushed, cleaned and if you are going to wax it, it needs to be re waxed after eating or making out.

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