Going green is a trend of the past for the NY art scene. Whether pouring the wattage into neon word art or the plethora of T.V. sculptures, electricity was in demand at this year's fair. Trees on display were were caged, cast in silver, or juxtaposed with florescent lights. To seal the deal, a big wad of trash greets you at the entrance. Marjorie Strider’s Green Triptych was an exception, going green in 3-D.

1. New Edens, Sam Van Aken. 2. Unknown. 3. Cheap magic is anticipated, Ryan Gander. 4. Cheap magic is anticipated, Ryan Gander. 5. Unknown. 6. Birch Cube, Anthony James. 7.  Electricity employed. 8. Andy Warhol. 9. Green Triptych, Marjorie Strider.