It's the middle of London Fashion Week and ladies such as Amber Rose and Alexa Chung are donning their most stylish and sexy ensembles, but What The F*ck You Wearing M.I.A.?!?!??! We know you like to stay on that "I don't follow trends" tip but a raw silk pantsuit tucked into combat boots and your grown-out roots and fried faux-Aryan hair and good god woman, is that a CHOKER? What is going on? Look it, we know you're a mom and hell, respect, but get your affluent baby daddy to spring for a nanny so you can get a little you time and fix *waves hands* all this, 'kay? Kill it all with fire. Start with that homeless dude trench. We can smell the pee waft from here. Get back to us when you look like this again. Thxbai.

[via Poco Party]