CurT@!n$ is a New Yorker with a great sense of style. Just ask Kanye, who happened to call the Brooklyn rapper a "fashion genius" in our 2007 April/May issue. We asked CurT@!n$ to contribute to the Style channel with a 7-day cookbook. Peep what he has to say about what he wears and why he wears it. This is Day 5…

Day 5: Another variation of the atypical "Curtains Look". This is a rare occurrence of color sneaking its way into my outfit. Today I saw my Mom for once and she stopped me and said, "You're dressed really nice." That made my day.
Marc Jacobs Hat: This cashmere beanie is my world. I have a few colors in it but I doubt I've ever wore any of 'em more than twice.
Vintage Leather Jacket: Ok so I wear black all day, everyday. The only touches of anything else is a white shirt or a gray shirt. I saw this jacket in one of my favorite vintage stores, Search & Destroy. I sat on this jacket for a year to be honest. I couldn't get past the color. Finally one day I was on my way to dinner with a girl, I stopped in the store real quick and asked for her opinion. I also stopped a kid who was shopping, and everyone else in the store for that matter for their opinion. I gave the disclaimer that I wear black all day everyday so they can get an idea of what I was dealing with buying a burgundy leather jacket. The girl I was with said, "It makes you look like a star," and that was all I needed. Sold. What originally attracted me to the jacket was the style. This is not your typical perfecto. This is a UK style perfecto that is popular in the UK of course. It's nearly impossible to buy one of this style in the US since the most popular style of the perfecto is the US version with the belt in front. The slight difference in the UK version is the side straps instead of the belt. One difference but it gives it its own life. I always wanted the UK style but could never get the right one. Well, finally it arrived in the form of my burgundy friend here. I work it well into my wardrobe every so often.
Alstyle Apparel T-Shirt: I bang in my black tee, slang in my black tee, all in the club spitting game with my black tee. Sorry, I couldn't resist.
Dior Homme Jeans: 19 cm. black washed clawmarks to be exact. Size 28. Just in case you wanna buy me a new pair for my birthday. Thanks in advance.
adidas Sneaker: I've been slowly wearing sneakers less and less by the day. The thing I love about these is that they have a real high end look to em with its simplicity and material. People always assume that they are Dior or some high-end brand, but they are just some good ol' adidas. Classic.