Women with physical features such as green eyes, long blonde hair, lean legs, and high cheekbones are usually super hot. Well it turns out the model above has these exact feminine traits and unsurprisingly, is being booked left and right for womenswear collections this New York Fashion Week. Only thing is, the model is actually a man named Andrej Pejic. Yikes! Even though the model is a manly 6 feet 2 inches tall, most female runway models are androgynous and over 5'9" anyway, so there's no dead giveaway that he's not of the fairer sex. For real though, if nobody ever told us, we would have never known the difference. See the dress Andrej pulls off on the right? It's the same Jean-Paul Gaultier design that Rihanna rocked at the Grammys. Joke's on us!

[via New York Post]