Men's Week at WWD got Nigo to open up about what really happened with A Bathing Ape. “Basically, I can’t do business. I’m not suited for it. I wish I had had a partner on the business side from the beginning,” he says. He also shares, “I definitely didn’t want to file [for bankruptcy] under the Civil Rehabilitation Law, and I didn’t want to damage the brand, I had a strong feeling that I wanted the brand to survive, so the main thing was thinking what to do about that. I spent 20 years building it up, so it would be a real shame for it to disappear.” We agree that it would be a shame to lose the iconic brand in haste. We're glad he's revealing more background to the news that we heard all of a sudden last week. We already knew he'd serve as Creative Director for two more years, but he tells WWD that he hopes his involvement continues beyond that.