There are a great many things that could be said for Gadhafi's policies and the present, deeply troubling state of Libya but we are fairly certain that you don't frequent the Style section of the Complex site for up-to-the-minute death tolls and nuanced political opinion pieces (if you do, we are sorreeee and don't know what happened but we're pretty sure it's your fault) but something we can, without question, all agree on is that. Dude. Has. Swag.

Whether it's the gargantuan mosaic of military ribbons or his statuesque perm or his unnervingly prosthetic-looking face or the fact that he is the spit and image of SNL's Fred Armisen or his vast cape collection—we have to tip our hats to the demonic dictator for his sartorial bananimalcrackersness. For everything else, we spit on the megalomaniac's delusional murderous autocratic horse-shit. 

ANYWAY, we have collected a gallery of his very best worst best ensembles. Enjoy.

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