Last week, our in-house grooming specialist, Colonel Cator Sparks, gave us tips to how to treat and prevent annoying razor burn. In today's lesson, he teaches us how to treat your pores.

I know, I know, I hope I don’t scare y’all with this post. But it is something men should consider. Facials have long been a great way for men to keep their skin looking fresh, clean and young. While most of the readers here don’t need to worry about wrinkles just yet, a facial a couple of times a year could really do you good.

Just think of all the crap that covers your face on a daily basis.

Test: Tonight, get a white, clean towel, wet it with water and wipe your face. I bet the results will be a bit of a shock. Especially if you live in a big city with more pollution. Yes, washing your face every day certainly helps but a facial is just the next step. And who doesn’t like laying down for an hour and have a hot chick scrub down your face?

I spoke to skincare expert Lia Schorr whose men’s facials were voted best in New York City by New York Magazine and she broke down why dude’s should get facials (she has been in the industry for 40 years, so she knows!)

Why should men get facials?
We live in a modern society and the workforce these days look for men who are well-groomed and look clean. Men have shaving and oil problems. They also have diet and stress issues which all lead to skin problems. All this can be helped with facials. 

Why have more men started to get facials?
Men have always been vain but they didn’t know what to do about it. Women have been doing facials for years and I think men finally took the hint from the opposite sex. 

What can men do to prevent bad skin? Use eye cream, face moisturizer, aftershave balm (no aftershave with alcohol!) and limit smoking and drinking. Do not share towels or razors. Be sure to clean immediately after sports.

Any differences between different ethnicities' skin?
African American skin tends to get bad razor bumps, if possible get these removed by electrolysis since they can irritate the skin for years.  

If men can’t make it to get a facial what can they do at home? 

Use a mud mask once a week to remove toxins from the skin. And keep your skin clean to keep it clear!    

Here are some mud masks to try at home if you can’t face a facial just yet:  

Davinci Grooming Men's Mask
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These are great since they come in individual packs.  

Yes to Carrots Exfoliating and Smoothing Mask
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It's a nice midrange mud mask good for sensitive skin too.

Kiehl's Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque
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For something a bit more fancy, try this one from Kiehl’s. The Amazonian white clay is awesome at drawing out oil and dirt. And it’s so jiggy they spell mask "masque"!