This recurring column looks at great moments in sit down design. The furniture in your crib is as important as the art on your walls and the clothes on your body, so hopefully this series helps you recognize awesomeness when you see it, whether that's while shopping at Design Within Reach or talking to your latest lady friend's gallery owner.

MOSTE is a collaboration between designers Billy Cotton and Michael Bargo, a furniture collection focused on elegant, modern design. The appeal of the collection is the balance of craftsmanship with crisp contemporary lines. The arm chair, pictured here, gives a gleam to the cubist-inspired geometry with its lacquer finish.

Lacquer has a long history in furniture design, particularly in China. As a finish, lacquer not only produces the fine sheen you see in MOSTE's arm chair but also provides durability. A great example of aesthetic and function coming together. The collection is now available at Bergdorf Goodman. [MOSTE]