At a quick glance, you probably see nothing wrong with the image on the left. You got John Legend celebrating his big three-two with his BAAAAD wife, Christine. Let's start from the top. The blazer looks like it was created to hate his body, and even with the grotesque taco meat hanging out of his chest, we could deal. But then you look down at his ankle region and....What The F*ck You Wearing John Legend? The extreme cuff on that pant is making us seasick, tucked inside the extra-tall loose-ass boot is all just a little too much. OK, it's way more than a little. You are ruining a tailored look up top and the perfect eye candy on your arm. Please, kill the cuff AND the boots. OH GAWD, THOSE BOOT TONGUES. Our poor eyes... You don't deserve that lovely lady. Hand her over. [via]