Antoine Dodson left, Ted Williams right.

Antoine Dodson of Bed Intruder fame has been spending his recently acquired internet money on a new look—we call it the sleepy-hypebeast-with-strong-draggish-elements. Complete with Nikes, a Louis bag, and new hair! As chichi as he's trying to be, we've moved on to Ted Williams, the homeless man with the Golden Voice. Nevermind that he's a 53 year old dirtbag who left his partially-blind wife with six kids, 16 grandchildren, and one great-grandchild because he's famous now! IGNORE ALL THAT FOR THE SAKE OF FASHION! OK, so, we love the camo but the now suit-wearing on-air personality needs an upgrade. Both Engineered Garments and Ann Demeulemeester used older models for their lookbooks and their runway shows. Which would you prefer to see on Ted Williams? EG's refined yet relaxed Americana? Or AD's avant-garde grandpa steez? Vote below!

Engineered Garments

Ann Demeulemeester