Is it us or has the cutaway collar trend caught crazy fire at the top of the year? It's been featured on Sartorially Inclined and Dreams of Perfection, and they're showing covetable product and solid Where To Buy options. Do you know what we're even talking about? Don't know your cutaway from your club? Here's a rundown:

•The cutaway has a spread collar, where the points are faced more outward than down.
•The medium-build guy is best suited for this shirt. Filling your shirt in, making sure the collar does the spreading and not your button placket.
•The width of the collar is smaller than normal, so heavier guys should avoid it because it draws the eye outwards.
•Don't stress over wearing a tie (this is a great shirt to dress up or down) but our lead image definitely shows you how your tie should look if you choose to.
•That said, a nice Oxford cutaway without a tie or a more casual knit joint (as seen in the Sartorially Inclined post) is also ultra clean.

Check out a video of designer Brunello Cucinelli rocking one of the cleanest cutaways ever, below...