To be a sartorialist or a pugilist? In Hollywood, there’s no reason to pick one or the other. Flash back to some of cinema’s most celebrated brawls, scuffles and slapfests and it’s easy to see that costume designers get off on dressing combatants in eye-catching duds. A first-rate action star who knows all about refined fashion is Jason Statham, the English lump-dispenser best known for his tough-guy roles in The Transporter and Crank films. His style game in each flick varies from pressed suits to long-sleeve zip-ups, but the common denominator amongst his characters is an impeccable tailor-fit. Statham’s latest thrill ride is The Mechanic, which opens this weekend, in which he plays a veteran hit-man whose closet game is as sick as his scrapping expertise. With The Mechanic’s sharp-dressed urban warriors in mind, we’ve sparred with film history to bring you the 50 Most Stylish Fight Scenes of All Time.

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