Ricky Gervais has been watching his back ever since the Golden Globes. He looked smashing all cleaned up in a tux as he laid into secret homosexual Scientologists and Johnny Depp. Unsurprisingly, embarrassing fodder from Gervais's past has surfaced. Exhibit A: This delightful Flock of Seagulls steez music video. Watch it.

And, as an added bonus, we asked our in-house grooming expert Colonel Cator to help us achieve this hilariously sculptural hairdo. Apparently it's pretty easy: use a Baxter of Californias Clay Pomade ($18) to create that stiff look. Mix it with Billy Jealousy Cool Medium Hair Gel ($16) to add the wet sheen. Et voila!! Now you have awesome synth pop/new wave hair that ASSURES that you'll put on 20-30 lbs in the next 10 years. Rad. [via PopEater]