ComplexCon returns to Long Beach Nov. 6 - 7 with hosts J. Balvin and Kristen Noel Crawley, performances by A$AP Rocky and Turnstile, and more shopping and drops.

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Complex founder, fashion mogul, entrepreneur, and food-lover Marc Ecko has started an initiative to mold the next generation of creative thinkers and doers. Artists & Instigators was founded by Ecko and his partners to help keep successful companies stay refreshing and reinventing their ideas and causes for a better future. "A&I Practicum" is the first product from the company and is Ecko's commitment to President Obama's "Startup America"—the national campaign the President mentioned in his State of the Union Address to promote entrepreneurship and job-creation. A&I Practicum hopes to partner promising students with innovative start-ups so they can benefit one another. A&I is investing $1 billion by 2016 to a total of 750 companies and 20,000 students (!!!!!). The goal is to have these apprenticeships start the engine for sustainable job creation. Learn more about Artists & Instigators here.