Last lesson, our grooming editor and knowledge emperor, Colonel Cator Sparks, taught us how not to become gigantic walking piles of dried-up, winter-skin pieces of dandruff by introducing us to some hardcore Winter Products. This installment, Sparky helps us hold onto the hair follicles on our heads.

Santa Claus and Father Time both have something in common, they are totally going bald under their respective floppy hats. It's an issue some of us aren't too happy about as we get older. There are lots of hair loss remedies out there, some don't work, most are slightly confusing and others are off-the-charts pricey. Granted, if you want to keep your hair it's gonna cost you and we've really have been loving the regimen from MiN. I have been using Rogaine since I was 18 and, to be honest, I still use Rogaine with MiN. My hair has never felt cleaner than after using his Detox Shampoo. And his hair dressing product gives a sturdy hold without getting the funk all up in my hair and scalp.

We spoke to Chad Murawczyk, founder of MiN hair loss treatment and grooming boutique in New York's Soho to get into myth debunking.

1. What can guys do today to prevent hair loss?

Hair loss is caused by DHT, which, in full is Dihydrotestosterone, a chemical compound. It is always essential to make sure you keep your scalp and hair clean. Be careful of using products that are heavy in alcohol as it's damaging to the roots of the hair, and yes, wearing a hat all the time when you're thinning causes more hair loss. The scalp needs to breath and the headwear adds friction.

2. Are any specific ethnic groups more likely to lose their hair faster than others?
There is no scientific proof that certain ethnicities lose their hair more then others, of course certain backgrounds have stronger hair (thin, thick etc.) which affects how you style and look after your hair, but when it comes to DHT we are all the same!

3. At what point should dudes start using hair growth products?
First sign of thinning is best, to combat hair loss it's good to grab the problem as soon as it begins to occur so you can keep the hair you have. The true challenge is regrowing your hair from nothing. This is why I created a shampoo that has DHT blocking attributes; you wash your hair already so why not use a shampoo that will block DHT everyday?

4. If I'm half bald is it too late?
It's never too late. There are many options on the market to regrow hair but of course it's a challenge and one must be patient and persistent on using the products of your choosing. Our product, Agent, is formulated for use on balding spots and must be used every day to assist in hair regrowth.

5. What's the most basic MiN regimen our readers can try?
The regimen can be as simple as using the DHT Cleansing System, which comes in a multi-function set of three:


Detox- This should be used 2-3 times weekly or as a needed deep cleanser, which brings any dirt from the roots to the surface and deeply penetrates the DHT.

Fortify- This is a conditioning treatment that delivers exceptional moisture for soothing and healing damaged/stressed hair while inhibiting DHT.

Wash- Use the Wash daily to clean scalp and hair while delivering essential nutrients while attacking DHT.