It never ceases to amaze us how frequently Nike Sportswear kills it by changing a couple of key, nuanced details on a classic. This time they've taken on the trench coat. Not unlike their version of the crispy and covetable Destroyer Varsity Jacket, Nike's enhanced the tech/functional elements and enhanced the bejesus out of this rainy day staple. Available at the Nike 21 Mercer store in April.

•They've laced Nike's already water-repellant Storm FIT fabric with an additional Gore-Tex lamination.
•Double-breasted buttons and belt have been replaced by a removable hood and reinforced storm pockets.
•The addition of a media chest compartment has made all your smart phones, iPhones, and iPods easily accessible. And, they're protected from the elements.
•The whole entire coat can be packed into its own pouch and stored.

[via Freshnessmag]