Science Fiction n. A literary or cinematic genre in which fantasy, typically based on speculative scientific discoveries or developments, environmental changes, space travel, or life on other planets, forms part of the plot or background.

So basically a sci-fi flick has nothing to do with style, right? WRONG! Just look to today's release of the 3D sequel, TRON: Legacy. Seriously, if body suits filled with symmetrical neon lights were acceptable in the work place, we'd be all over it. OK, that's a total lie but it's still incredibly badass to look at and we definitely wouldn't be mad if hot chicks were all over it. In the pantheon of CLASSIC sci-fi flicks, there have been a few that stand out as swagged out sartorially speaking. So what do we do? Shed light on our favorites in The 10 Most Stylish Sci-Fi Movies, from The Fifth Element's body-con, Gaultier-designed wardrobe to the gorgeously austere suiting in Gattaca, we've got it all covered.

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