Last installment, our resident grooming contributor, Colonel Cator Sparks, and his pal Eric Malka (founder of The Art of Shaving) talked to us about what you need in order to get the perfect shave. This week, we discuss those crinkly creases and horrifying harbingers of doom, the wrinkle.

All right, I know some of you guys are thinking I'm a dingbat talkin' about wrinkles at our age but the truth is, you can't start early enough when we're talking about prevention. Wrinkles can start appearing as young as 20 and sun, smoking, weight gain and loss can contribute to great changes in your skin (as does rubbing your eyes all the time, weedhead!).

Crows feet, or those three/four lines that radiate out from the corners of your eyes (which look like scrawny bird feet) are fairly easy to manage as long as you dab on a little eye cream every morning. Granted, eye products aren't on the cheap side, but hey, it's the first thing people see on your face so you might as well make 'em look their best. Windows to the soul, guys.

When using eye cream just squirt out a pea size amount and mush between your two index fingers. Then dab your fingers in a semi-circle under your eyes. D for done.

HEADS UP: If you have bumps or rashes form under your eyes, stop using the product immediately. You're allergic to an ingredient. The uncomfortable sensation is not the cream "working."

Here are our top four picks:


Anthony Logistics For Men Eye Cream ($28) Not only does this cream save face for wrinkles but the green tea and caffeine reduces puffiness after you've been hitting the books into the wee hours.


Nivea for Men Revitalizing Eye Cream ($24) This little product packs a big punch reducing lines as well as dark circles.


Billy Jealousy Wipeout ($34) This product wipes out dark circles, puffiness and lines. The best product for the after-party people.


Korres Age Reversing Instant Lift Eyecream ($35) This new product from Korres is for the dude who is serious about obliterating wrinkles. Probably not for 20 year olds but definitely for those reaching 30.